Not with a bang but with a whimper.

Escalating the NATO vs China war might be a good thing. Just imagine not “all the people doing whatever”  but imagine some 12000 nukes in a couple of days going of in the northern hemisphere.

The southern people might feel free to take a chance on doing it on their own. Maybe, maybe not, most probably I am just being optimistic again. Just random rummaging about the internet will cause you the craziest trains of thought.

So here I will describe three little video’s and we will see where modern “shorts” point to. The title of this post of course is just for fun. It is to emphasize that written stories and poems are of the past. Way past, things are streaming now and as we know, never will the same river flow/stream under the bridge again. It’s transient!

First there is a video of a Utopia experiment : In the fifties and sixties John Calhoun did some experiments with mice and rats with possible implications for humans. Calhoun himself characterized the social breakdown of the vermin populations in his experiments as “spiritual death”.  The way these populations died in the various utopias is meticulously described. But for some reason, the terms most used In short descriptions of his experiments, later on, are overpopulation and crowding.

‘Crowding’ possibly had an influence on the behavior of the populations but ‘overpopulation’ certainly had nothing to do with it. Population in the experiments never reached more than 65 percent of the max possible. With a maximum of 80 percent of one limiting factor of population growth. Never came even one restricting factor close to a 100 percent. In more modern descriptions the possible limiting factor that also causes the die-out is “privacy” . Really, can you imagine that. A concept which is certainly unknown by the people who are even now still living in ‘longhouses’ (and possible still eating long pigs, but let’s not discuss that now) is introduced as a limiting factor. For the growth of mice population, not people, mice! It seems there is no ‘there’ anymore in the world, everything is ‘here and now’ and ‘us’.  I am tempted to go Peter Griffin here and  say: you know what.. forget about us, it’s just me from now on. Maybe that is a little solipsistic. The only necessities in need in these utopias are territorial. Possible physical and spiritual (is this possible for vermin?). Older alpha males are in possession of the main territories and a lot of females. Everything else is available in abundance for free. It’s not enough apparently. After growth due to abundance, species’ behavior turns violent and sexually deviant, then hyperviolent and sexually indifferent. The species change into perfection, lookalikes, but are automatons or what for humans would be called NPC’s. They’re good looking empty shells. The whole population dies. It seems irreversible.

Another gem is a short part of an interview with Yukio Mishima. He explains some of his core thinking:

Human life is mysterious in a way.

Human beings aren’t strong enough to live and die only for themselves. That’s because we have ideals.

We can only act for the sake of something.

We soon tire of living only for ourselves. It necessarily follows that we also need to die for something.

That something used to be called a “noble cause”.

To die for a noble cause was thought the most glorious, heroic or honorable way to die.

But there are no noble causes today. Democratic governments obviously have no need for noble causes.

Yet if one cannot find a value that transcends oneself, then life itself, in a spiritual sense, is rendered meaningless.

Mishima is a romantic of course, some thing like this should be countered by Patton saying: No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his country. With which I don’t mean that you actually must kill for a higher cause, you just must be willing to do so, and possibly be killed for that higher cause. Or as a more modern man described it: you must have “skin in the game”.  Look it up with a search engine, it’s modern internet speak.

Just this time it’s real skin in the game as in ‘getting skinned’, well you will probably die, won’t you. It is important! No more, whatever.

The last gem: Jordan Peterson with Joe Rogan. The text is a mess of course because it’s a Rogen show, the just talk it’s not scripted (or very well scripted) but just read it you’ll get the gist:

“There are some conversations that you had that were just I had to stop and rewind them because I couldn’t believe the arguments. There was a woman or I don’t know, er uhh or who, or was it a transgender man that you were having a discussion with that was saying that there is no difference, no biological difference in the sexes?”

“Yeah, no biological differences He said that the scientific consensus for the last quart I am not sure                     is that a transgender I’m not sure  I don’t believe so He was a professor who taught transgender studies at the university of Toronto and yeah he said outright there were no biological differences between man and women and that that was the scientific consensus  and he believed that he had the qualifications to say that because he was a historian of medicine you know which, which hardly qualifies as a scientist.”

Not that you have to be a scientist to notice that there are biological differences between man and women, it was very bizarre for me at that point.

Just link these three gems together to see where we are right now, because once is an accident twice is a coincidence three times is a pattern.

This is way beyond Nietzsche. God is not just dead (because we killed him), a directional purpose in us is dead. Not just is there no higher purpose, there is nothing left, no purpose at all. Not even something trivial like planting some trees for your children and grandchildren to enjoy. All there is left is perfecting yourself, well with perfection deconstructed. Good luck with that.

Takezo Towa    

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