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Has the Catholic Civil War TRULY erupted?

Benedict’s funeral was just two days ago. Now in a week a book by his secretary Gänswein will be published which reveals criticisms of Benedict on stances and ambiguities off Francis as well as Francis rather mean-spirited or cold conduct towards Benedict and Gänswein. This just after it had already been revealed that Benedict had supported Traditionalist communities after Francis’ crackdown on the Tridentine Mass. With Benedict buried the truth is being dug up.

Gänswein has long been an enigmatic figure. Accused by Vigano of concealing truths from Benedict even as Pope, viewed as a possible de facto jailed, yet perhaps also under pressure from Pope Francis or someone who pragmatically tried to protect Benedict from the wolves.

It became clear last year though that he did (or had grown to) care about Benedict, crying when describing the man’s longing journey. Now with Benedict dead, he no longer needs to walk a tight rope.

A book by such a reliable and high-ranking sources that directly attacks Francis and make Benedict XVI once more a rallying point for Traditional Catholic doctrine, (that Francis has at least been lukewarm about and which several off his supporters have been hoping for him to overturn), so shortly after the Pope’s wildly published and mourned death, continues and strengthens the counterrevolutionary narrative. Francis finally met with Cardinal Zen who has to go back to Hong Kong to appeal his unjust conviction. Zen even more explicitly framed Benedict in Traditionalist terms in an interview with American magazine.

Meanwhile stories are spreading in Traditionalist circles that Francis opposed any official mourning for Benedict and even tried to downplay his funeral as much as possible. Yet he would have been overwhelmed and surprised by a lot of heads of state coming anyways and by the reactions of people inside the Vatican.

Secular, Leftist heads of state and government have shown Benedict XVI more respect or at least less disrespect than Pope Francis it seems. The UK mourned the death of Benedict better than Vatican City. Apparently curia clergy and other bishops and cardinals have been horrified by Francis’ display.

Yet Francis has publicly praised Benedict XVI and not just in the vaguest ways but specifically his role in the Second Vatican Council and his (Conservative) interpretation off it. Considering attempts to revive ‘the spirit of Vatican II’ by certain prelates in the context of the so called synod on synodality such as Francis’ own protégée Grech who has gone from yes man to ambitious radical, this is telling of Benedict’s lasting influence.

As we described previously, Benedict’s status and legacy were clarified and strengthened last year. Francis has repeatedly praised Benedict’s record in fighting child sexual abuse. This is especially relevant since Benedict spoke out in 2019 about the harmful effects of the sexual revolution and homosexual cliques in certain sections of the Church, while Francis has been trying to redirect the blame towards clericalism. Francis’ own handling off abuse has recently come under scrutiny again due to the handling of the Rupnik affair (which is still unfolding) and earlier last year thanks to the Zanchetta affair in his own native Argentina.

Francis credibility in the Church is increasingly declining while the same is true for radical progressives like Paglia from the Pontifical academy of life, who last year seemed to be sneakily pushing to change the Church’s constant teachings regarding artificial contraception but is now suing Catholic media outlets for exposing his financial mismanagement, and the Progressive German bishops more and more off whom have been exposed for covering up child sexual abuse even as they have been attempting to weaponize the abuse to push for radical reforms.

Yet Benedict’s legacy has received renewed attention and appreciation, and has now been pushed into even greater opposition to the revolution advocated by Francis(’s supporters).

I haven’t even mentioned the new claims that Benedict was forced to resign including by an Italian general. No letters or interviews can be published now, which claim that Benedict denies this. The plot thickens.

John Logan

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