Were the nuclear codes in Melania’s underwear?

Trump might have nuclear codes apparently. Nothing was done about this for over 18 months, I guess. The FBI raided Melania’s underwear. Rumor has it they stole Trump’s passport.

But what if Trump really does still have some nuclear codes? Well, if Trump wants to start a coup, a civil war or a nuclear war, and those in charge of launching the nukes defect from the current federal government to his side and neither the CIA or the FBI is able to intervene in time, then yes, we’d be totally screwed.

This makes me wonder though, more and more people are talking about a new civil war in the US, but would the federal government control all the nukes or will red states successfully claim some as well? Would it serve as a mutual deterrent? Will that result in a stalemate like the Cold War? Will the South rise again enabled by nukes?

What would the neo-confederacy look like? Would it actually be racist? Is the South still racist? Would it be Handmaid’s tale?

Life imitates art nowadays, so I am getting a head’s start. Speaking of red states, will Governor De Santis intervene against another raid?

You are (rightfully) thinking now: I don’t know what the guy has been smoking but it is strong! But let’s face it. The scenario painted above is less realistic then Trump (and his team) acting as spies in any capacity?  Bizarro world is not even going to be an accurate description for the reality in which not a single loon utters this suggestion (and everybody hides their embarrassment), but the whole team “of adults in the room” tries to push this idea. What were the Russians going to reward Trump with for this espionage. A lifetime of hookers in seedy Moscow hotel rooms?

Fox News has attacked the raid. It seems they cannot make up their minds as to whether they want to be included in the Trump fanatics or the mainstream camp. You have to choose at this point. Just thought I would point that out. Unless you’re a critical opinionated site that attacks mostly everything and everyone.

Ramon Giralt

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