Sweden shows Sander’s dream’s shattered

The Swedish Democrats have officially become the second largest party and are on the verge of influencing government. The Social Democrats have admitted defeat. Ironically now, perhaps, social democracy in Sweden can be saved.

A social democratic state can provide for its own people and even those in need from neighboring countries in certain numbers. At least as long as it doesn’t needlessly tax the hardworking middle class or rewards laziness. But it cannot feed the world nor continue to demand respect while going easy on gang rape. Attacking religious schools in general and pushing gender theory in kindergarten aren’t the way to deal with Islamic extremism.

The insanity in Sweden has gotten so bad that only the Swedish Democrats were willing to speak out against gender indoctrination for young children.

The Swedish Democrats are the most Far Right of all the parties in parliament and for once, accusation off (past) Nazi ties are accurate. Why is a party that had neo-Nazis as prominent early members, the voice of sanity in Sweden?

Regardless, a cordon sanitaire can clearly backfire. They push relatively moderate voters into the ranks of a (relatively) extreme party because it comes to represent the opposition.

Maybe Sweden will start cracking down on crime now, limit immigration and screen refugees, ensure boys are no longer disadvantaged in the education system, let children have a normal childhood and lower taxes for the middle class. Perhaps it could strengthen judicial independence, restore bicameralism and end the persecution of home-schoolers while they’re at it.

Sweden might become a beacon of centrism, moderation and sanity. We can only hope. Social Democracy might not even be salvageable in Sweden, democratic socialism won’t fly. Sweden might go social liberal. It will have to go nationalist however. Whether national social democratic or national centrist.

I suggest Sweden looks at Denmark as an example to follow.

Ramon Giralt

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