Sacrifice of Angels

The Ukrainian counteroffensive

I am honestly not sure whether to trust the news about the Ukrainian counteroffensive, but if it succeeds, it honestly can only be explained as a miracle.

Sacrifice of Angels was an episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine season 6. The show had many religious themed episodes and this was one of its best. It ended with Sisko defeating the Dominion as a result of ‘’’divine’’’ intervention by the so-called prophets. The situation in Ukraine reminds me off said episode.

Ukrainian Catholic leadership has claimed the angels have been fighting on their side. At this point it seems like the only logical explanation why Ukraine hasn’t collapsed yet. Russia’s army is far larger, and while Putin has been many things, an incompetent military leader isn’t one of them. He in fact rose from obscurity by dealing with a certain Chechen war far better than Yeltsin. Russia became a real-world power again under him.


Perhaps Russia got overconfident and was taken by surprise when the counteroffensive starts and the disruption of the lines resulted in an escalating disaster. Maybe. But if Russia is truly losing, it’s fantastic news. Hopefully it can be pushed out of imperialism and great Russian ideology back into isolationism and peaceful co-existence.

But Ukraine cannot trust on the West coming to its aid. If it exhausts all its manpower, its only unlikely hope will be Poland. For now, the question remains whether Russia has more in store.

If the war devolves into a Russian bloodletting, let’s just hope NATO or Zelensky don’t get overconfident and try to interfere in Russia. A quite collapse of Putin is desirable (if followed by his immediate replacing with a strong reformer), but any attack on Russia still risks a nuclear war.

Let’s let the Russian parliament, its various experienced parties, sort this out. NATO did very little though. The war ironically shows the pointlessness of joining it.

Let’s hope Zelensky gets ousted before the war is even over Churchill style.

But maybe I will have to find a way to read forbidden Russian sources again so I can be sure that I know what’s really going on.

John Logan

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