The FBI raid; Anybody remember an email server?

Two perspectives

 The FBI raided one of Trump’s homes. Apparently, they had a warrant. But the exact reasons haven’t been officially clarified. Maybe they should be up front about those as soon as possible. An FBI raid on a former president is unusual enough but this is 2022.

The reason would supposedly be that Trump illegally kept presidential documents and he broke the law. Now, if this is true, an FBI raid for said documents seems completely logical, though maybe a bit rude. While Trump supporters cried foul immediately, if Trump did break the law or hold unto government documents, that should be investigated. Trump cannot automatically be assumed to be the victim of an evil FBI.

But context is key isn’t it? And the current context is extremely polarized. Did the FBI try to make the January 6 protest violent? What was their role in the issue of Hunter Biden’s laptop? Hunter’s laptop was deemed fake news, disinformation. How were Hillary’s emails handled again? What about the Steele dossier?

That’s the real problem. Trust in institutions, in the deep state, is dead. Because the institutions appear to treat the establishment with kid gloves. The establishment gets everything, outsiders get the law. That is how populists can acquire votes. Trump being singled out suits a victim and conspiracy narrative.

Whether this raid was justified is unclear as off writing this article. That it was mishandled by not being transparent enough is obvious.

Why now though? Weren’t these documents missing for more than 18 months? Are they necessary for the hearings? It seems a bit late doesn’t it? Is it so they can charge Trump regarding the documents because a conspiracy charge won’t sell? Is this related to the midterms?

Does anybody involved in this happen to know if Trump will run again in 2024? Is there a deep state trying to prevent that or just a justice department in need of reform?

The most logical result of all this is that Trump voters will be energized. Polarization will increase, Trump will be made a martyr whose rightful re-election was stolen.

Oh, and apparently Trump invoked the fifth in a business investigation case. Who would have thought that? He’s a businessman who has done corrupt things? I am sure his voters will be shocked. They didn’t sign up for this.

Is there such a thing as bad news for Trump? The Democrats would have been really smart to treat Trump as an irrelevant has bin, but maybe the issue is the lack of a positive, unifying agenda that makes it necessary to still treat Trump as the enemy.

Many things are uncertain right now, except for one, if Trump is put on trial, it sucks to be called for jury duty. I suggest you post incriminating tweets to make yourself unfit.

Ramon Giralt

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