The Oscars are in the news again? Who would have thought?

after he made fun of Smith’s wife losing hair due to her disease. Though made fun is probably to generous a description. Everyone knows this. Because it was bigger news than Biden seemingly threating Putin with removal from office while addressing  troops in Poland as a by the way of telling them the horrors they would discern in Ukraine. At least the Oscars were relevant again.

And of course we now have the debate about freedom of expression and it just being a joke and about whether violence is understandable or justified in this situation.

That people should be able to enjoy freedom of speech doesn’t mean they have to exercise it in offensive or meanspirited ways. That it should be legal to say something doesn’t mean you should say it. The idea that offending is a celebration of freedom of speech is just ridiculous. Making stupid decisions isn’t the best use of the freedom to make both smart and stupid choices. And crudeness does not equal funny.

But a joke that was highly offensive resulted in the husband of the offended woman slapping the guy. Seems like a typical violent incident that sometimes happens, but now this took place during the Oscars, on camera and involving celebrities, so obviously it is hot gossip. Some people sympathised with Smith since the guy was mocking his wife over her disease. Others complain that it normalised violence.

Chris Rock violated proper decency, Will Smith the law by getting violent. Rock has decided not to press charges though. They have already resolved it apparently

But apparently this is still news more than 12 hours later and will be debated in TV shows. It’s really important. Playground bullying by comedians out of ideas and some getting aggressive is news because:

A. Or obsession with celebrities has gotten out of hand.

B. We want a distraction from Russia, Covid.

C. Trump isn’t providing funny news anymore.

D. We have to make everything political.

E. All of the above.

Finally, some people have questioned whether it wasn’t actually a staged event to get attention for the Oscars (they really need it).

Smith shouldn’t be applauded nor fiercely condemned. He didn’t manage to keep his composure and acted like impulsive men sometimes do. Understandable, not strictly speaking moral. Let’s not make bar fights a fancy thing please.

All this commentary on a short fight between two men seems rather pointless. I suppose the commentary pointing out the pointlessness is also pointless. Feel free to write an article about the pointlessness of this article.

Ramon Giralt

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