A parody of the world economic forum?

Microchips are good for kids??!!!

I read some satire article recently that mocked the World Economic Forum by pretending that one of its writers, Kathleen Philips, spoke about the benefits of implanting children with microchips. Specifically microchips that would involve interface. It’s a funny if somewhat obvious form of satire, having the WEF praise something that used to belong to the genre of dystopian science fiction.

Apparently, it would make it easier for parents to track their kids. I suppose I could see the benefits if children are kidnapped or insanely reckless, but otherwise it does sound like an unnatural and totalitarian expansion of the powers, parents have over their kids. If parents are overly controlling or have troubles letting their kids go, this is going to be a problem.

Truly a strawman parody of the WEF. She was even sketching children acquiring superpowers through technology. Even the danger of it being hacked is brushed aside as an acceptable risk. The bodies and minds of children being hacked is a risk worth taking obviously.

She even pointed out that this all stands in the proud tradition of anti-depression and mediation for children with ADHD. We all know ADHD has been on the rise. It’s a strange spreading mutation and not an overused diagnosis. Pills have proven to be the perfect solution against depression, right? No need to actually confront problems or pain anymore.

Finally, she had the brilliant plan of giving lager institutions central supervising technology. Now that the internet is subject to censorship in the Western world and we’re on our way to importing the social credit system as well, we can be certain that governments won’t heck the brain chips of rebellious citizens.

Rooting out hate speech has been expanded to include rooting out misinformation and we can trust the authorities to only censor truly harmful content and to protect the chips in the brain of our children.

Now, you might be wondering what happened to Epstein and his accomplice in France. Well, that shows you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist and probably an incel.

To be clear, I have no interest in attacking microchips for consenting adults, but to put microchips in healthy children simply cause the natural human body can supposedly be improved, would be invasive and a violation of the right to bodily autonomy. It honestly sounds like a form of human experimentation.

Altmann Beten

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