illiberal democracy

The Cold European civil war?

Orbán won again in Hungary. But contrary to what I (and pretty much everyone) had predicted, he once again won a two thirds majority. Orbán outdid his most favourable polls and yet both international observers and the opposition have acknowledged that there was very little actual fraud (though not radical leftists in the European parliament or even national parliaments).[1][2] It was however asserted the Fidesz had an unfair advantage due to its control over state-owned media and use of other state resources to its advantage. That is true. Hungary has developed and now further cemented, a dominant party system and leans in the direction of a hybrid regime. But to be fair, the united opposition enjoyed the backing from pretty much all Europhiles and was painted as pro-Putin.

Elections in Hungary and the future of Europe

Parliamentary elections will be held on April 3 in Hungary. Europeanists and the left hope Orbán will finally be unseated by the United opposition. That seemed like a likely possibility till recently, but the 6-party alliance and its independent candidate have been successfully messing things up. Disunited and unfocused they’ve failed to use Orban’s connections to Putin against him. Instead Orbán has successfully painted his neutralism as the safer bet.