Poland and Israel are a team now?

While threats regarding a possible civil war in Israel abound (Ukraine and Taiwan were not apocalyptic enough) as military reserves have threatened to desert, while fundamentalist commentators accuse the deep state of organizing anarchist protests against Netanyahu and his reforms, I thought now was the perfect time too actually provide an in-depth comparative analysis of the judicial reforms, what their results will be and whether the criticisms are legally sound.

Democratic Backsliding Part II:  The Netherlands: The European Union’s mascot for democracy

A few months back I wrote the article, Democratic backsliding: What exactly does it meant at this point? I am going to have a boring rant! I promised it would be continued. Now it shall be.

A lot has happened and a lot hasn’t happened since then. I had unused material back then which I was planning to use for the sequel article. I will leave that in its original form and start this article with it. That way we can see the amazing evolution of the insane legal uncertainty that dominated the EU a few months ago into the same insanity now compounded by polarisation and controversy regarding Ukraine and Russia today.