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Sinking ships

The Vatican has just renewed its secret provisional agreement with China. It is clear high-ranking prelates in Vatican’s inner circle felt the need to defend the agreement which has been controversial from the beginning and which has come under additional scrutiny as Cardinal Zen is facing a political trial in Hong Kong while China’s totalitarianism and threats are only increasing.

Don’t blame the revolution!!!

Pope Benedict XVI was recently in the news. After the publication of a report that dealt with abuse in the archdiocese of Munich. It accused Benedict XVI of having failed to act on 4 cases of child abuse when he was Archbishop from 78 till 82. That was before Ratzinger was appointed prefect of the congregation of the doctrine of faith by Pope John Paul II after which he became increasingly conservative and eventually ended up getting the Pope to let the CDF crack down on abuse when local bishops were being too slow.[1] Progressive German bishops like Lehmann have actually lamented Benedict’s turn to the right under John Paul II.[2] The far left Cardinal Reinhard Marx is also confirmed by the report to have been guilty of complicity in abuse at least twice.[3]

The History of Jansenism Part III

With the death of both Jansen and du Vergier, Antoine Arnauld had become the de facto leader of the movement. Antoine Arnauld was born in Paris to the Arnauld family. The twentieth and youngest child of the original Antoine Arnauld, he was originally intended for the bar, but decided instead to study theology. He had studied theology at the Sorbonne, where he was brilliantly successful, and his career was flourishing when he had come under the influence of Jean du Vergier de Hauranne. He would cause the movement to embrace radical moral rigorism and a devotion to returning to the strict discipline of the early Church.