Two possibilities for Brazil

Brazilians are currently waiting to see what happens. One twitter poster said they’d see the fate of their country in the next few hours. Others believe a (counter)coup will occur on the day of Lula’s inauguration. The Riotimes has been suggesting a coup may very well still happen any moment.

Calling it regarding Brazil

There has been quite a bit of talk about an imminent coup in Brazil in Far Right corners. The mainstream media is still almost entirely silent. Skynews had a short article dismissing some claims, but you know the saying about stopped clocks being right twice a day don’t you? Well…

They have rightfully commented on the massive protests going on every day for more than a month now, which have received little mainstream media coverage. Certain Far Right figures have actually gone to Brazil and are witnessing events unfold first hand.

9 days?

Bolsonaro has been quite since the election… too quiet. No but honesty, he didn’t concede, and his supporters have been protesting for more than a month. Every day. Ten of millions of people. Asking the military to interfere. More than 170 officers wrote to military high command criticizing the election.