You were supposed to be non-ideologue Atheist Sam Harris!

Who are free thinkers to look up to now?

Sam Harris was the New Atheist who was willing to acknowledge facts over a partisan narrative. When fellow atheist Mark Riebling wrote a detailed historical book about Pope Pius XII, which pointed out how it was silly to call him Hitler’s pope even though it is indisputable that he was involved in several plots to kill Hitler, Harris supported the book. He admitted he had been wrong to support (the KGB inspired) attacks on the pope. Facts over doctrine. Such beautiful times.

Now he has stated that the burying of the Hunter Biden’s laptop story was good because it helped kick Trump out of office. Manipulating elections is good. The ends justify the means. He went as far as to openly say that he didn’t care if Hunter has the corpses of children in his basement.

Now, for generations to come, Christian fundamentalist scan cite this, instead of ‘if you want to make an omelet, you got to break some eggs’, when trying to show that atheists are immoral Marxists. Thank you Sam. Thank you.

Honestly, his concept of spiritual but not religious, seems actually sane and not like cringy pretentious fence-sitting. He hasn’t gone for cheap shots, attacking Islam openly. He freaking supported Andrew Yang. The man is a true free thinker, yet he went above and beyond the Left in attacking Trump, when he didn’t need to. This wasn’t his fight.

He has clarified that he didn’t believe Democrats committed voting fraud, nor that they had any right to do so, but the FBI did actively help them by slowing down the investigation and encouraging censorship of the story. A threat to free and fair elections. Which in turn can be used to justify Trump’s unwillingness to step down, hence we get into a circle.

Solving corruption through corruption, lowering the bar, saying, they did it first, is the ultimate sign that decency is dead. Sanity is dead. Reason is dead.

Ramon Giralt

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