Is Pope Francis stupid, senile or simply sinister?

The European parliament has called on the Vatican to support Cardinal Zen, the brave anti-Communist cardinal Zen while he is facing trumped up charges from the increasingly Totalitarian government in Hong Kong.

The Vatican’s response to Cardinal Zen’s persecution was… too actually outright and openly state that they hoped Zen’s persecution would not undermine a renewal of the Vatican’s deal with the Communist dictatorship.

Francis recently defended the failed policy and betrayal of his own flock by referencing similar failed policies and betrayals towards Catholics in Eastern Europe committed by John XXIII and Paul VI. He must have really hated John Paul II’s support for the anti-Communist resistance.

Even Nancy Pelosi has done more to stand up for Cardinal Zen even as orthodox Catholics support banning her from communion till she repents off her pro-abortion stance (yet ironically she can receive communion at the Vatican).

The American bishops have refused to take Francis’ increasingly less subtle hints on this issue and he is either unable or unwilling to tell them to abandon Pope Benedict XVI’s stance and to follow that of McCarrick instead. Similarly, many American bishops as well as Australian, Dutch, Polish and even various French bishops have ignored his instructions to limit the traditional Latin mass. He had to organize a year dedicated to his Amoris Laetitia because 5 years later it doesn’t look like most bishops are following it’s not so subtle encouragement to ignore the doctrine regarding sexuality and the sacraments reaffirmed by John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

Meanwhile the leader of the German bishops has attacked Francis for not going far enough in his reforms.

Francis in turn has been increasingly open and specific about his criticisms of his opponents, both the American bishops to his Right and the Germans to his Left. His subtle vague jabs at Traditionalists have also made way for crude insults that now include the Left.

Even people in the Centre like Zuppi en De Donatis are distrusted by him yet supported by the priests in Rome and the Italian bishops.

Apparently, he doesn’t even have a preferred successor anymore.

Francis has doubled down on his criticisms of NATO and his understanding stance towards Russia. His continued overtures towards vicious dictatorships is no longer in line with Progressive Liberal elite whose support he has long enjoyed and the media have mostly chosen to ignore him.

The once consistently positive media coverage of Francis has now been replaced with near complete silence.

Reactionary Catholics have accused Francis of being corrupt, dictatorial and political for years and he seems increasingly eager to vindicate them.

A witness in the Becciu trial has stated Francis approved the deal in London for which Francis is having Becciu tried. A typical example of a dictator throwing one of his cronies under the bus. 

And Francis has said he has a human relationship with Raul Castro. He said the following:

“Sometimes they don’t know how to distinguish what communism is from what Nazism is, or what populism is, from what popularism is,” he continued. “When they accuse me of communism I say: ‘How outdated this is.’ Those accusations are over, I see them as outdated. It is made by small ideologized groups.”

What does this even mean? Is he seeing that Communist crimes matter less cause Nazism is worse? Is he saying Communism is good compared to Nazism like Popularism compared to Populism?

Why is the accusation outdated? Communist China is currently a huge threat.

Francis seems to view common sense and decency as outdated.

Altman Beten

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