Obi-Wan Kenobi finale, creative bankruptcy and woke Capitalism make this article incoherent

It was so poignant! Obi-Wan trying to redeem Vader, which Vader referenced to Luke in Return of the Jedi. Vader turning it down. Saying he killed Anakin. Obi-Wan finally giving up on him completely and calling him Darth. Beautiful cinematography, fantastic performances and a moving conclusion of Reva’s anti-villain journey.

But fans don’t seem to have liked the show much and accusations of racism did not shield the show from criticism. The controversy surrounded the show itself. Which was exceptional… in that it actually meaningfully expanded Star Wars lore and wasn’t an expensive fanfic and that it didn’t butcher classical white male characters.

TV and movies are political now. Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, Terminator, it’s all political. Cartoons are political too. Even reviews are political. To criticize bad writing is either racist or sexist.

Conservative parents view LGBT people existing in children’s films as an assault on the innocence of their children. They say it is sexualizing them and that is such nonsense! If LGBT people appear in media, including children’s media, this doesn’t automatically refer to sex and these same studios openly supporting Planned Parenthood, woke themes and sex education for young children doesn’t change this. That “the don’t say gay bill” is unusual and extreme is in no way a response to certain blue states pushing sex ed on kindergartners. (On a sidenote, while it is form of censorship that specifically effects LGBT teachers, just not discussing your private life with 7-year old’s doesn’t seem to be too difficult).

LGBT characters also aren’t political. This is why filmmakers keep advertising how their films will contain LGBT content.

Remember when 10 years ago the debate was just about abstinence only vs. comprehensive sex ed FOR TEENS. Good times. Now we’re debating about 6 year, sorry 5 year old’s.

TV and movies can still be fun you know. They don’t all have to be political. Not everything is Kingdom of Heaven or Redacted. For example, a Toy Story spin-off Buzz… of, wait!

Btw, if it’s not political you won’t censor it for China. Am I repeating myself again?

But Hollywood and woke capitalism aren’t getting left-wing people to support the worst aspects of Capitalism by pandering to, do you call this stuff woke? But they definitely aren’t pandering, nor was the latest Jurassic Park, sorry Jurassic World movie nonsensical, and the Thor Love and Thunder Trailer that makes it look like Ragnarok 2.0, doesn’t show that Hollywood is creatively bankrupt at all either. Totally.

Ramon Giralt

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