Did the FBI rig the 2020 election?

This is the question now being asked because of certain things relating to a certain laptop recently coming to light. And it just depends. Is the secret service intentionally slowing down an investigation so that possible revelations of corruption and or nepotism couldn’t damage a candidate till after the people have voted him into power, harmful to a free and fair election? Specifically a candidate who served as VP to a previous president, who influenced said service for 8 years. Is the same FBI asking social media to censor ‘Russian disinformation’ during the election harmful to a free election?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then the election was undermined by the FBI and the mandate provided by it would appear in danger of being undermined as well.

It raises questions about Trump’s post defeat rhetoric. If the election wasn’t stolen through voter fraud but influenced by a partisan FBI, that still lends credibility to his populist claims and the anger of his supporters.

Selective outrage about attacks on Liberal democracy simply undermine liberal democracy by turning it into a partisan weapon. It is like the rule of law in Poland again.

Establishment parties and groups are identified with democracy and rule of law. All true outsiders are populists, threats to democracy and the rule of law and tied to Russia . Except, for Law and Justice in Poland which no one can deny was THE anti-Russian party in Poland but that doesn’t excuse their ‘attacks on the rule of law’ apparently.

The establishment defining misinformation and what is supposedly Russian, is proving increasingly dangerous.

Perhaps clear limits should be based on the right of the FBI and other authorities to encourage censorship, or to warn of a threat of disinformation without sufficient evidence. Perhaps also election disputes need to be more easily challenged through a streamlined judicial appeal process.

And I will repeat the suggestion to have bipartisan supermajority congressional hearings and we really need the possibility for the opposition to call for inquiries.

Now that Democrats will have trouble portraying the 2022 midterm elections as another fight to save democracy, they will have to focus on issues like the economy… Good luck with that…

Ramon Giralt

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