Midterms: Roe who?

It has been pointed out that while polls showed the majority of American opposed overturning Roe, this was mainly based on this misconception that Roe only mandated legal abortion in the first 12 weeks (like in Belgium, Germany and Spain) and not the actual on demand policy till 24 weeks. The majority of Americans actually oppose this. They support banning abortion after 15 weeks.[1][2] I guess Chief Justice Roberts actually represents the people.

While the initial overturning of Roe has seen a great backlash and may have inclined purple voters to go for the Dems in spite of Biden’s current… less than stellar policies, this backlash might not last till the midterms. Inflation will.

The overturning of Roe is popular in red states. Fanatical pro-life laws are as well. And that’s the point. Abortion laws are a state issue now. Laws banning abortion from conception will not really be a controversy in purple states since they’re not being passed.

Will swing voters care enough about codifying Roe into federal law to vote for Democratic senators? Will they really care about ensuring abortion is allowed in Texas again?

I honestly suspect they’ll care more about their ability to afford 3 meals a day and a vacation every now and then.

The Democrats used to be able to appear moderate by defending the status quo and defending a precedent from the Supreme Court. Now they have to support specific abortion laws. Oddly enough they have to act reactionary.

They’re not pushing to enshrine abortion in the first 12 weeks in state constitutions though. Instead they’re pushing for abortion till at least 24 weeks. They’re really trying to make abortion a central issue. Ironically this used to be a Republican strategy. Right now they don’t have to. They can be the anti-Biden party… oh wait!!!

Can the issue of abortion on demand without apology convince swing states to vote for the party of Biden? Will the hardcore pro-choicers turn purple states blue? Can Dems do without independents?

Why is every major party either Reactionary, revolutionary or Macron (imitator)?

Ramon Giralt


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