Believe all women

It’s something you do not hear much about anymore, what’s up with that. It can not be that young women now suddenly experience less harassment from men who think they are like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp or me showing my age again. Or even worse, men who know they are not at all like those specimen, more the opposite, but demand a positive female response anyway, whatever the kind of behaviour they display.

Another social phenomenon which is less heard of nowadays is anorexia. Don’t get me wrong: I am not saying people with anorexia have a fad, a craze or a rage. However, most anorexics were/are teenage girls. Social contagion is part of this, teenage boys just have other medical-sociological problems.

Teenagers are mostly clinically insane. Our society decided that if you are no longer a child, you are somehow not yet an adult. What am I, if not an adult knowing I am not a child is something no teenager ever asked but should get told by the adults in the room. 

Meanwhile, girls may be less anorexic, there is a noticeable increase in “top-surgery” so maybe girls are having different problems nowadays then being fat. Boys still have other teenage problems, probably also hormonal in origin, but less clear so far, for now.

An older generation of males does have a more recognizable problem of a sexual nature and it might not be std’s. A number of them now identifies as female. Like the top-surgery girls, the number is such that a new category of humans has been cataloged. The girls are trans-men and the men are trans-women. I might be in the wrong here and not really understand, but than just consider me dim or slow. I always thought transition was, you know: transitory, I even got that wrong. So, obviously I do not understand anything of this.

It used to be that if you were no longer satisfied with your sex-life or even more existential, your persona, you divorced your wife, bought a motorcycle, picked up a hottie bimbo and went cafe-racing. Not necessary in that order. Middle aged men sometimes are teenagers again and lost in society. Eventually live changes are inevitable, percentage wise more of them crash and burn than real teenagers, because of slower reflexes and onset stubbornness. If not, then in a couple of years max, the subject becomes a settled citizen again and slightly less crazy.

What will happen to them (these man transing to women I mean) now is less clear. The young women transing to men are in for a world of hurt (in my humble opinion) there is just to much medical intervention and maintenance, often in a crude way. The men transing to female is less clear. It is very unclear for how much medical change a lot of them opt in. My impression is men go for very little biological engineering. Women tend to go for a lot. If not for themselves, then for their children.

Evolution of this phenomenon is still unclear. The only thing clear about it is: everybody who is not actively participating must at least agree with all and every statement made by trans people. After all, they are speaking the truth, even when it is their truth. So you better believe them. Believe all women never went away after all! It just migrated to a different sub group of the herd. So, you believe the trans women (they are women). You believe the children (their mothers are women, even the trans ones). Also you better believe the trans men (for the last sixty years no one has told a teenage girl no, so that is not going to happen now either). Telling them it is ok to take testosterone, rasp their vocal cords, make them infertile and often incontinent, while hoping the chemical imbalance will fade away (which it will do anyway, actions or not). Yes, all that will be done. Tell them no, O MY GOD, NO, the horror, the horror.

Why all this is happening is (at least to me) totally unclear. I mean, Tafkap was basically just Prince.  Trump has laughable hair/toupee, whatever. Elon Musk still needs a lot of work/grooming from a makeup artist to just make you not think: whoa, the guy cutting at the barbershop really didn’t like him this time. And that is just male pattern baldness. This tiny biological problem can not be solved by the richest man in the world. But reversing the core-principle of your existence as a mammal i.e. your part of procreation. NO PROBLEM!!! We’ll just wing it.

The sociological underpinnings of these phenomena are simple and straightforward: the main mechanism is the result of “to believe in socialism”. Not socialism itself, believing it. The idea that the plotted route for the herd will be good for you/me/whoever.

The ways of socialism are good if not great for the lead bull’s of the herd and their closest minions. If a large part of the western world is focused on trivialities and frivolous tings which can only lead to hyper sexualization and atomization, blindly following the herd is the easiest option for everybody. However, people just following because “is good for all, is good for me” should watch some documentaries of herd animals in nature. Not because it is soothing or reassuring. After some close-up observation you might notice that the leaders of the herd don’t mind at all tripping over some weaker herd member causing it to fall and fall victim to the predators disturbing the herd. All for the good of the herd of course.

While the young men are mostly in their basement focused on computer games, the revenge of the nerd is playing mind games with a large part of western civ.

The singularity was an idea made feasible or at least partly possible in/by computer tech world. But since most of the nerds are gone from “tech-world”, things changed. The most famous tech-journo’s would not know tech if an anvil fell on them. Gossiping on/about social media is their main thing. The most famous tech-futurist at this moment in time is not a nerd but a flunked history guy who is trying for Scientology 2.0 [this time a religion for the atheists].

Without the nerds, the singularity has become something people think they know! It will be what ever we want it to be if we just put enough effort in making it such. That is what it basically boils down to. Soon we will be able (with the help of big data/AI) to engineer body, brain and mind. To quote another influencer (one who is also a bullshitter, but at least a funny one): this is taking it past the sale. Not only will we engineer the body, but we will do that with the brain and the mind. Go full trans-human, become god-like and do as you will. If going for an al powerful mind, engineering your body first a little bit is just a small step on the way to…. OK, where are you going in that flying car buddy? Speeding in an area where only pedestrian speed is allowed and using diesel fuel, you’re in for a world of hurt. The nerds had seen this happening to the generation before them: the future is not going to be what you think it will be. Just hope it is not going to be what you fear it will be. Go to the moon and Mars in your flying car, if further away use the bus, yeah, that really happened.

So back to the sale, you will get what you dream of, but first a little down payment: destroy your plumbing, mess up your body/brain chemistry, there will be a bug-fix, we are working on it, and if full trans-humanism is possible, we will allow you to get in line (somewhere down the line). Because, well screwed up cases are more difficult to work on then well-maintained ones. Don’t think I am painting a bleak scenario here. This is the best possible one, the one with flying cars and holiday resorts on L5, the moon and mars.

So, what is the future going to be like? What do you want? Facts, possibilities, feelings? Don’t say facts because facts don’t care about feelings. This sounds good but at this moment in time it’s the stupidest remark possible. Even with all the facts on your side, you will be defeated by three simple words: that is mean. Of course, ten trillion words will follow, whether immediately or not. But with those three words you are defeated. There is a saying from an old dead white dude: when you gaze into the abyss long enough, well you know the rest. That is just for philosophical guys. For the rest of us (the horny ones) it’s different: if you want something long enough and intense enough that’s exactly what you might become. And that’s why you lose every fight. That is, in the near future you give in because of what you want and then don’t get it anyway. The more distant future is unclear off course, the future will never be what you create, you’re not alone.

That’s why we don’t hear “Believe all women” anymore. It is stashed away but still there and parties till we know when to use it again.

Towa Takezo

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