Pope Benedict XVI left his money to Gänswein not to Francis, now Francis wants to extort it

Pope Francis can still be trusted to faithfully represent Benedict though

The wonderful great Benedict turns out to have left his money and the rights to his popular works to his trusted secretary who stood by him up to and even after his death. He gave everything to the man who was preparing to release a book revealing how Benedict had been troubled by how Francis appeared to undermine the faith. To a man Francis has accused of being unethical, not of the Church.

Rumor has it though that Francis tried to extort Gänswein and force him to give up Benedict’s inheritance, claiming it belongs to the apostolic see.

If true, this is double ironic. First of all, it would seem like the man who has flirted with Latin American Socialism for years if not decades is in need of extorting more affluent Conservatives, secondly it’s the very same Argentinian who accused Gänswein of weaponizing Benedict’s death.

Benedict’s personal writings and money made of them belong to him and Benedict thought it fit to leave them to Gänswein. Francis and Benedict always agreed right? Or was Francis lying?

Apparently he also threatened Gänswein with excommunication if he revealed ‘Church secrets’ including regarding the 2013 conclave. Gänswein is not a cardinal. What would he know about the 2013 conclave? Unless he knew about improper and illegitimate influencing off the conclave. But how? Did Benedict tell him? Or those close to Benedict? Are the anti-Francis cardinals a lot closer to Benedict than Francis and his allies would like to admit?

John Logan

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