Cardinal Pell: The scapegoating of the hero part I

Cardinal Pell received a Catholic funeral attended by 30 bishops, hundreds of priests, the opposition leader and a former prime minister. But he was denied a state funeral by the Labour authorities even though that’s the norm for important public figures. Apparently it would be too destressing for victims according to premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews. Even though Pell has been cleared of false accusations off abuse and of claims that his Melbourne response did not report abusers when it in fact did. It seems especially hypocritical since Andrews has so far still not made an apology to victims of abuse in Victoria’s state schools despite a motion requestion that. And now hundreds of cases have come forward regarding historic abuse in these schools and it is said to be only the tip of the ice-berg. Yet the Royal Commission singled out the Catholic Church while brushing over this secular school abuse.[

Pizzagate revisited

With the Balenciaga scandal I think it’s time to revisit a ‘debunked’ hoax. Pizzagate. Some critics of Balenciaga are already talking about Pizzagate again. Will another guilt by association attack be used to silence critics of Balenciaga?

A parody of the world economic forum?

I read some satire article recently that mocked the World Economic Forum by pretending that one of its writers, Kathleen Philips, spoke about the benefits of implanting children with microchips. Specifically microchips that would involve interface. It’s a funny if somewhat obvious form of satire, having the WEF praise something that used to belong to the genre of dystopian science fiction.

You were supposed to be non-ideologue Atheist Sam Harris!

Sam Harris was the New Atheist who was willing to acknowledge facts over a partisan narrative. When fellow atheist Mark Riebling wrote a detailed historical book about Pope Pius XII, which pointed out how it was silly to call him Hitler’s pope even though it is indisputable that he was involved in several plots to kill Hitler, Harris supported the book. He admitted he had been wrong to support (the KGB inspired) attacks on the pope. Facts over doctrine. Such beautiful times.