Not with a bang but with a whimper.

Escalating the NATO vs China war might be a good thing. Just imagine not “all the people doing whatever” but imagine some 12000 nukes in a couple of days going of in the northern hemisphere.
The southern people might feel free to take a chance on doing it on their own. Maybe, maybe not, most probably I am just being optimistic again. Just random rummaging about the internet will cause you the craziest trains of thought.

About feuds and struggles.

Great Britain has been invaded and at least partially colonized several times. On the isles are living Britons(celts), angles and Saxons, Normans, for some time now Hanoverians have been invited (at some time it was even taken into consideration to make Delhi the capital of the British Empire. That did not happen, but now the common wealth is coming to London and will continue to do so for some time as it is just answering an invitation off those in power. If you search for ethnicity of England you find nothing about celts, angles or Saxons. In other words you find nothing about culture or ethnicity. You find numbers about race. It is really incredibly stupid to not see the importance of this.

Believe all women

The sociological underpinnings of these phenomena are simple and straightforward: the main mechanism is the result of “to believe in socialism”. Not socialism itself, believing it. The idea that the plotted route for the herd will be good for you/me/whoever.

Preaching to the Choir: Progressive at just right moment to just the right audience

I saw Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore today. I thought it was a really good film, though with an overly drawn out and sentimental ending. It was interesting to finally see Dumbledore’s dark backstory explored while he was once again wonderfully portrayed by Jude Law.
The film specifically explored Dumbledore’s complicated relationship with Grindelwald. I found the backstory to be interesting ever since I first learned about it and I wasn’t disappointed by how it was developed.

Don’t blame the revolution!!!

Pope Benedict XVI was recently in the news. After the publication of a report that dealt with abuse in the archdiocese of Munich. It accused Benedict XVI of having failed to act on 4 cases of child abuse when he was Archbishop from 78 till 82. That was before Ratzinger was appointed prefect of the congregation of the doctrine of faith by Pope John Paul II after which he became increasingly conservative and eventually ended up getting the Pope to let the CDF crack down on abuse when local bishops were being too slow.[1] Progressive German bishops like Lehmann have actually lamented Benedict’s turn to the right under John Paul II.[2] The far left Cardinal Reinhard Marx is also confirmed by the report to have been guilty of complicity in abuse at least twice.[3]

Karen croaked

After typing this title (hours after) I did realize Karen was not the only one passing away recently. My attention span is now such that it is becoming extremely difficult for me to create just one single simple sentence. The last cycle of deterioration of my attention span started when I saw a picture of …

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