Can dictatorships join the european union now? Oh wait…

Apparently, there is currently massive support for the Ukraine joining the EU. I know it’s at war and all that, but I thought the recent disputes with Hungary and Poland showed the EU was a community of shared values: democracy, rule of law and freedom of the press.

Since opposition media and more than 10 opposition parties have been banned without proper constitutional review (with judges being illegally fired from the constitutional court by the president) you would expect Europhiles to want to wait till the Ukraine respects judicial independence and ends repression of the opposition.

I guess this will be solved after the war? Unity against Russia is all that matters. This is why Von Der Leyen is facing a possible motion of censure over her decision to reach an agreement with Poland to grant it its share of the recovery fund due to the importance of unity and Poland’s aid to millions of Ukrainian refugees.

I am repeating myself more and more at this point, but the EU and radical progressive groups are making the same mistakes over and over. Has the EU forgotten their mistakes with Turkey already?

Groups like RuleoflawinPoland, the Helsinki Foundation, and the Greens in Europarliament have done nothing but undermine concepts like the rule of law by turning it into a partisan weapon and a morphing inconsistent concept.

The European Commission and the CJEU have backtracked from their push to support an anti-democratic judicial elite in Poland or interfere in elections in Hungary. The CJEU refused to rule a preliminary question by a judge nominated by the new national council of the judiciary inadmissible, thereby giving a victory to the government and contradicting the ombudsman and the ECHR.

The European Court of Human Rights has embraced the Venice Commission’s and is still supporting the left-wing narrative in Poland.

The ECHR and the CJEU are contradicting each other and the EU is now ignoring ECHR rulings. The left is attacking the EU for no longer supporting their attacks on judicial reforms, attacks which originally relied on now stalled CJEU rulings in the first place.

International constitutionalism is dying in Europe and politics will have killed it.

Ramon Giralt

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