John Logan

Communist disinformation is used to attack the dead again

Pope John Paul II knew about abuse by priests but failed to act against it as archbishop and cardinal before he became Pope, or so certain headlines say.

This claim was made by Dutch journalist Ekke Overbeek last year in preparation for her book Mea Culpa that’s due to be released this week (Mea Culpa was already the title off a documentary about abuse in the Catholic Church, these titles that are puns referencing Latin words in Catholic rituals mocked by mainstream Protestants reek of old-fashioned anti-Catholicism that seeks to weaponise child abuse by caring about and focusing on it selectively). Michal Gutowski, the investigator behind the report for anti-PiS (ruling Right-wing party in Poland) private broadcaster TVN has now repeated the claims and added to them.

Cardinal Pell: The scapegoating of the hero part I

Cardinal Pell received a Catholic funeral attended by 30 bishops, hundreds of priests, the opposition leader and a former prime minister. But he was denied a state funeral by the Labour authorities even though that’s the norm for important public figures. Apparently it would be too destressing for victims according to premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews. Even though Pell has been cleared of false accusations off abuse and of claims that his Melbourne response did not report abusers when it in fact did. It seems especially hypocritical since Andrews has so far still not made an apology to victims of abuse in Victoria’s state schools despite a motion requestion that. And now hundreds of cases have come forward regarding historic abuse in these schools and it is said to be only the tip of the ice-berg. Yet the Royal Commission singled out the Catholic Church while brushing over this secular school abuse.[

Remember the riots in Chile?

As stories are popping at that Lula’s minister of justice knew about the coming attack and did nothing, and that this possible false flag is being used to justify putting more than 1500 protesters in concentration camps and to fire and even arrest heads of the military police and even judges[1][2] in Brazil, I thought it would be fun to reflect on the 2019 riots in Chile. (Oh and police-man are being burned alive in Peru as violent protests continue cause the Marxist ex-president was impeached for attempting an anti-constitutional self-coup).

Knives out

Benedict’s funeral was just two days ago. Now in a week a book by his secretary Gänswein will be published which reveals criticisms of Benedict on stances and ambiguities off Francis as well as Francis rather mean-spirited or cold conduct towards Benedict and Gänswein. This just after it had already been revealed that Benedict had supported Traditionalist communities after Francis’ crackdown on the Tridentine Mass. With Benedict buried the truth is being dug up.