Altmann Beten

The undeniable disaster Pope Francis

I really don’t want people to think I am anti-Catholic or that I jump on the bandwagon regarding stereotypes about pedo-priests. Not at all. I like to keep facts and fiction separate. I know abuse is even worse in American public schools, but I have to say that Francis’ actions and inactions regarding the abuse scandals and piling up disasters with each passing day.

A parody of the world economic forum?

I read some satire article recently that mocked the World Economic Forum by pretending that one of its writers, Kathleen Philips, spoke about the benefits of implanting children with microchips. Specifically microchips that would involve interface. It’s a funny if somewhat obvious form of satire, having the WEF praise something that used to belong to the genre of dystopian science fiction.

You want to protest against police violence? Go to the Netherlands

In Europe however police brutality is increasingly disturbing and unique, both because it cannot be argued to be linked to any form of racism and because it is indicative of the current polarisation and weakening of the liberal democratic tradition. Finally, it is worrisome that this trend continues in spite of the extremely intense struggle regarding vaccine mandates and Covid having seemingly all but vanished.

Have Star Wars fans become racist?  A self-fulfilling prophecy?

Obi-Wan Kenobi the TV series is halfway done. I am eagerly anticipating the next episode. Along with many fans I waited for months for the show to cone out. But then (possible) leaks about the supposed role of the new inquisitor character Reva and how she would eclipse Obi-Wan in his show ended up upsetting fans. They feared a bait and switch would be pulled. Another classical character wasted, just as happened with Luke and Han in the sequel trilogy.

Preaching to the Choir: Progressive at just right moment to just the right audience

I saw Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore today. I thought it was a really good film, though with an overly drawn out and sentimental ending. It was interesting to finally see Dumbledore’s dark backstory explored while he was once again wonderfully portrayed by Jude Law.
The film specifically explored Dumbledore’s complicated relationship with Grindelwald. I found the backstory to be interesting ever since I first learned about it and I wasn’t disappointed by how it was developed.