Remember the riots in Chile?

And other questions

As stories are popping at that Lula’s minister of justice knew about the coming attack and did nothing, and that this possible false flag is being used to justify putting more than 1500 protesters in concentration camps and to fire and even arrest heads of the military police and even judges[1][2] in Brazil, I thought it would be fun to reflect on the 2019 riots in Chile. (Oh and police-man are being burned alive in Peru as violent protests continue cause the Marxist ex-president was impeached for attempting an anti-constitutional self-coup).

Those Chilean riots weren’t against voter fraud or the rushed validation of an elections by courts packed with judges appointed by the alleged winner which lower ranking judges objected to.

People who criticized elections results or judges weren’t being detained. The rioters didn’t just target the government but civilians and churches. There was no purging of judges or military police chiefs who allegedly didn’t do enough about it.

Yet, there were condemnations about supposed human rights violations for how the authorities responded to the violent protesters even when some of them engaged in hate crimes. The Left in Chile and across the world showed open sympathy. It even led to a new constitution being drafted only for it to be overwhelmingly rejected via referendum.

Now however the Marxist Chilean president, and of course the dictators of Venezuela and Cuba came out against the protests with the Cuban president expressing the same worries about attacks on Lula and Brazilian ‘democracy’ as Biden. When Cuba supports your ‘democracy’, maybe you need to question whether you’re the bad guy.

Recently an opposition governor, Luis Fernando Camacho, was arrested in Bolivia. Venezuela seems to be the model for Latin America democracy, now with the support of Western Liberals.

Remember when the United States opposed Marxism in Latin America? Even just a few years ago the USA and Western democrats supported the democratic opposition in Venezuela against the dictator and the counter-coup against Morales attempt to stay in power and subvert the constitution in Bolivia. Wait that was under Trump! Preventing Morales from seeking an unconstitutional third term was a foreign intervention coup btw.

American democracy as defined by Biden (which) is apparently similar to Lula’s democracy in Brazil, and indirectly to the Venezuelan democracy that the USA opposed just a few years ago.

Now Radical Leftists are calling for the extradition of Bolsonaro. On what grounds? There is no evidence that he had any direct role in the protests.

Some police and military passively watched or took photos with the protesters. But after Lula signed the order it seems like intervention came swiftly. Lula swore punishment of his opponents and criticized supposed defectors in the security forces. People who describe this as the Reichstag fire of Brazil just might have a point.

Thankfully retired Supreme Federal Court justice Marco Aurélio Mello has spoken out against Lula and his judges,[3] while General Girão Monteiro of the reserve army has been tweeting like crazy regarding the alleged inaction of the Minister of Justice and security while calling out the double standards considering Leftist attacks on ministries during president Temer’s tenure. He is demanding answers.[4] Hopefully his colleagues will realize the purge that is taking place and act before it’s too late.






John Logan

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