A false flag in Brazil?

Protesters have stormed the congress building in Brazil.

But was there a guy with a trident?????

We’ve written about possible coups in Brazil. Suspected the army might still act at some point even after Bolsonaro left. Instead we have a people’s protest and possible uprising. Parallels are being drawn with January 6. So… can we expect protesters who don’t use their firearms or don’t even have any? That there is no organized takeover nor a plan to use violence against security forces. That Pelosi was lazy in providing security? That Trump hasn’t bought off or even attempted to influence key generals or people in the national guard.

Infiltrations of anti-establishment protests followed by violent crackdowns and restrictions on civil liberties seem to grow more popular with the day. More and more countries seem to have their own Reichstag fires whether it was a strange monarchist coup in Germany or January… which day was it again? I forgot already.

Is this a false flag or not? Lula is a Marxist who supports the dictator of Venezuela. It is not beneath him. That much is obviously. The Supreme Federal Court barely needed false flags to censor critics of them and Lula.

But what would the angle be here? According to an announcement on twitter, the federal police stated they are unable to contain this. Some of the federal highway police had supported disruptive protests recently and would even be investigated for it.  Any appointments to the federal police are only one week old and will likely still be settling in.

If it is a false flag and the false flag is believed, are they expecting something similar to national guard intervention during January 6? Problem is that the army in Brazil is incredibly hostile to Lula. Part of the top brass was a hesitant to carry out a coup against Lula (though not all), but many ordinary officers were more supportive. The general in charge of the reserve army was still railing against Lula today. The military police appears to be even more fanatically pro-Bolsonaro.

A false flag that leads to military intervention, would appear to be exactly what Bolsonarists and not Lula has been hoping for.

If the military doesn’t intervene but the protesters just kind a leave quietly having carried out a false flag storming that ends with them leaving… it will look laughable and expose itself as fake. If the federal police is able to stop them after all that will also look odd… finally, if they are easily defeated by Antifa or red militia’s this will appear obviously staged.

If the protests are real and federal police cannot contain them… than Lula likely need the military and military police to actively crush protesters whom most of them sympathize with.

If Lula stays in power and engages in draconian crackdowns we’ll know it was a false flag. We’ll also know that there isn’t just a Trump of the tropics but an Erdoğan of the tropics as well. Goodbye right to protest?

Ramon Giralt


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