This is that thing of beauty that lasts three days every year.

Imagine not appreciating such a thing.

One can only wonder whether the Japanese people will keep longing for those few days each year of the cherryblossem trees in bloom. The people lost not only their culture in a double flash, they lost their religion just days later. It one thing when a philosofer tells your tribe that god is dead. The Japanese people were told their god was god no more.

  • Success

    Succes will be obvious if the higher casts of Japan remain fully Japanese,  unlike for example the Brits which became "citizens of the world". Of course there is no such thing as a higer cast in the modern world, but there is a group which leads by example, even if by proxi.

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Compulsive need for explaining results in...................

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  • Influencing

    This is a bit of a wild area, nowadays it ranges from advertising to psychological warfare. Maybe it allways did.

  • Studies and Stuff

    This is a short description of what you need to do to develop your talents and thus prosper. No, sorry it is not. You can read about insanity and mental alienation and everything taught at college which is not actual science. So you can differentiate talent and lunacy in those around you.

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    This is random synapses firing for sure, after the first firing just follow the lead and see if it becomes a lightning.